Which is the scariest road in the world to be driving on? The unanimous and top-of-the-list answer is the 10-feet wide North Yungas Road running in the Bolivian Andes through the emerald green forests of the Amazon from La Paz (Bolivia's capital) to Coroico, winding through dangerous precipices that plunge down almost 3,600 meters. The road is known as El Camino de la Muerte (Spanish for "Road of Death"). There are no guard rails on this poorly maintained road and when you look out while negotiating narrow hair pin curves, the dizzying abyss down below looks as though the Earth has opened up. Fog and vapors rise up from the valley below, blurring the vision. Waterfalls, or rather the accumulated rainwater, cascade down the hills and fall on the road, often turning it slimy and loosen rocks from the hillsides above.

News reports say that 200-300 travelers are killed yearly along the road.

In these regions, you are required to drive on the left hand side, in contrast to the rest of the country, and the laws mandate that the downhill driver does not have the right of way and has to back up and yield. This helps the downhill driver to keep an eye on the wheel closest to the precipice and help passing other vehicles along the very narrow road.

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Monica Sappleton
10/11/2012 9:49am

It is dangerous indeed. I feel dizzy just reading this. Thanks for letting me know about it.

10/13/2012 11:02am

Thanks Monica. That was a pleaant surprise to hear from you.


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